1927 August Kuniichi Teranishi established Yamaichi Shouten in Takatsuji, Showa-ku, Nagoya City and started sales of special steel.
1948 August Incorporated Yamaichi Shouten and renamed to Yamaichi Special Steel Co., Ltd. (Capital: 250,000 yen)
1961 April Opened Hamamatsu Branch.
1975 January Kuniichi Teranishi appointed as Executive Chairperson. Kunihiro Teranishi appointed asChief Executive Officer.
1980 January Expanded and moved Hamamatsu Branch to present location in Shimoe Town.
1981 June Selected as an investment company of Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.; capital increased to 70 million yen.
1983 April Opened Ina Branch in Kamiina County, Nagano.
1985 May Moved Headquarters and warehouse to newly constructed premises at current location.
1989 January Constructed New machining factory.
1993 December Built automatic rack warehouse (Phase 2 expansion).
1995 December Kunihiro Teranishi appointed as Executive Chairperson. Kyoichi Teranishi appointed as Chief Executive Officer.
1997 March Built steel warehouse (1,800 m2: Phase 2 expansion).
April Established Yamaichi Logistics Co., Ltd..
1999 June Motoharu Teranishi appointed as Chief Executive Officer.
October Introduced original inventory/sales/production management system (Hitachi-MP5400).
2000 October Established machining company, DAI-TECH Co., Ltd..
2002 July Introduced automated steel saw cutting system, the world's first fully automated material handling plant with gantry crane/dual running system.
2003 March Established Yamaichi Special Steel (Thailand) Co., Ltd..
September Acquired ISO9001:2000 certification.
2004 April Reorganized and changed Die-Tech Co., Ltd. to a custom plate manufacturing company, HCP Die-Tech Co., Ltd.
October Introduced custom plate sales management system (PRIUS).
All aspects, from price quotes to ordering, are handled online.
2005 February Capital increased to 80 million yen.
May Expanded HCP Die-Tech Co., Ltd. factory.
Acquired adjacent site (8,264 m2).
October Acquired ISO14001:2000 certification.
December Expanded buildings of machining and product warehouse.
2007 August Constructed 142-car multi-story parking garage.
2008 September Constructed heat treatment center and new metal material center.
October Introduced "Horizon" heat treatment management system.
2010 April Updated the original inventory/sales/production management system.
July Introduced HERMLE 5-axis simultaneous machining center and YASDA-YBM9150V jig borer.
2011 January Introduced PMM-C, high-precision CMM.
2012 February Acquired ISO-17025 accreditation.
May Patented LSP mold heat treatment technology.
September Established Yamaichi Special Steel Vietnam Co., Ltd..
October Constructed new technology development center, AEROV.
2013 April Introduced "PMM-G", large-scale high-precision CMM.
May Started heat treatment at Yamaichi Special Steel Vietnam.
2014 March Started solar power generation (for sale of electric power).
October Started operations at Ichinomiya Office.
2016 January Established PRISMADD Japan Co., Ltd..
February Acquired AS9100 certification.
March Introduced 10-bar large heat treatment furnace.
2017 January Purchased Hokkaido Hitachi Densen Kihan Co., Ltd. and renamed to Hokkaido Kihan Co., Ltd.
December Selected as a Company Driving Regional Growth by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
2018 March Established a holding company, WEARE Pacific Co., Ltd. via share transfer.
April Acquired AS9120 certification.
WEARE Pacific established a holding company , WEGT Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
May Consolidated Ichinomiya Office into Headquarters.
June Purchased Globaltronic Group in Singapore and Malaysia.
2019 January Constructed the second factory at Yamaichi Special Steel Vietnam.
April Development of CAST (carbon nanotube-added surface treatment) was selected as SAPOIN Project*.
*Project for enhancement of strategic core technology: Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
2020 December WEARE Pacific was renamed Yamaichi United Group (terminated the joint venture with France-based WeAre Group).
2021 March Started solar power generation (for company's own use).
Merged PRISMADD Japan into the company.
April Constructed Painting and Laser factory.
October Opened Yamaichi Online Store for business.
2022 March Marged Yamaichi United Group into the company.
2023 February Development of CAST was adopted as NEDO Project.
(NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)
October Marged HCP Die-Tech into the company.


ISO 9001:2015
[Initial Registration Date]
September 16, 2003
[Offices and Labs Covered]
Yamaichi Special Steel Co. Ltd. Headquarters/Hamamatsu Branch
[Scope of Registration]
Sales of special steel; secondary processing including saw cutting and heat treatment; management of manufacturing of metal parts for automobiles, industrial machinery, etc.
ISO 14001:2015
[Initial Registration Date]
October 16, 2004
[Offices and Labs Covered]
Yamaichi Special Steel Co. Ltd. Headquarters/Hamamatsu Branch
[Scope of Registration]
Sales of special steel; secondary processing including saw cutting and heat treatment; management of manufacturing of metal parts for automobiles, industrial machinery, etc.
ISO/IEC 17025:2017
[Initial Registration Date]
February 1, 2012
[Offices and Labs Covered]
Yamaichi Special Steel Co. Ltd. Measurement Technology Center.
[Scope of Registration]
Dimensional testing with CMMs
[Certification number]
[Accreditation Body]
Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc.

Our Policies

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the creation and development of a new society while pursuing the happiness of our employees.

Code of Conduct

Customer First
  • We view issues from the customer's perspective and take the initiative . and act swiftly.
  • We maintain a broad vision and novel perspectives in dealing with issues to create unique value.
Simple & Honest
  • We act ethically, With passion and conviction, we act honestly and promptly take constructive action.
  • We persistently explore the possibilities, maintaining our confidence and applying our capabilities to the fullest.
  • We pursue challenge and growth, constantly ahead of our time with an enterprising spirit.
  • We commit to being a company that complies with laws and regulations and presenting a standard for society.
  • We are considerate of the local community and the environment and express our gratitude.
  • We clarify the purpose and meaning of our work and share our values.
  • We have mutual respect, discuss matters with passion, and create a lively working environment.

Quality Policy

Giving shape to happiness


By promoting continuous improvement of our products, technologies, and services, and constantly striving to match global quality standards, we manifest our customers' "happiness."


By fostering human resources capable of acting flexibly in our global society and by providing them with the environment and opportunities that allow them to make the most of their diverse personalities and achieve self-actualization, we manifest our employees' "happiness."


By contributing to the creation and development of a new society through Yamaichi quality, we manifest society's "happiness."

Environmental Policy

We continuously pursue the following actions in our manufacturing, distribution, services, and other business activities, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and environment.

  • We comply with all environmental laws and regulations and other customer demands as well as requirements with which we are aligned.
  • We make continuous improvements by setting environmental targets, promoting environmental management systems, and conducting regular reviews.
  • We strive to minimize our environmental impact by reducing the waste generated in our business activities, reusing resources, and promoting energy conservation programs.
  • We post this policy and ensure it is communicated to all employees, and will disclose it externally to the general public as required.

May 1, 2020
Motoharu Teranishi, CEO
Board of Directors, Yamaichi Special Steel Co., Ltd.