Pioneer for Future

Our path has been one of exploring the possibilities of special steel, a material full of potential.
The penetrating insight and processing technologies we have cultivated in that process are now supporting the sorts of manufacturing that will be in the forefront of next-generation industries.

If there is a possibility in something, we try it. And then we link that to the future. Our challenges based on the knowhow we have inherited are about to sprout as a force that will lead industry and lives to hope.

From our beginnings, to the present, and into the future. The concept that reaches through all of us is the question, "Is it useful to people, to the world, and to the next generation of industry?" The answers, which arise from having a broad vision, boundless curiosity, and an approach that is relentless in pursuit of the "real thing," will in turn become the cornerstone of society with the new value it brings.

Pioneer for Future Yamaichi Special Steel Co., Ltd.


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