Additive Manufacturing(AM)

New business innovation with technologies supporting industry in the future.
Our AM business is there.

Additive Manufacturing(AM)

Linking 3D manufacturing technologies with our integrated manufacturing model.

3D printers create three-dimensional forms by layering filament—the material—like a millefeuille. We have been quick to take notice of this new processing technology, with its numerous merits including optimization of manufacturing steps and costs, and customizable production, etc. We have started developing this as a full-fledged business as we continue to assemble technologies and gain further expertise.
The most important feature of the AM business is how all the steps, from developing and manufacturing the filament and optimizing designs to 3D printing, are seamlessly linked to the post-processing phase in a manner that takes full advantage of our technologies and expertise in finishing and inspection. The Factory Mall concept of meeting all of the customer needs in one place is helping us achieve manufacturing that fully exploits the strengths of the AM business.

AM—Integrating the Very Latest Technologies

Material Scanning Optimization Printing Finishing and Inspection


Original Filament
Filaments used as the material for 3D printers have been developed by us and are produced in house. We produce the optimal materials for AM with the brand, grade, and material properties required for the industrial products the customer manufactures. Please visit the YAMAICHI ONLINE STORE when purchasing.
SILASTICTM™ 3D 3335 Liquid Silicone Rubber
We use the world's first liquid silicone rubber compatible with 3D printing.
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Raw Material


We make full use of non-contact 3D scanner to capture the shape of the target object in three dimensions and convert the high-resolution image data into 3D data. This process is also used in reverse engineering.



To fully use the potential of AM, 3D models need to be optimized using DfAM (Design for AM). Using load conditions, material properties and process rules, an optimal shape can be created, with reduced weight and better strength. With this design method, we derive the most effective shape using the latest design optimization software, along with our proprietary add-on software.



We create 3D shapes from polymers and silicone rubber by using 3D printers with FFF and LAM technologies made by innovatiQ as to satisfy customers’ requirements.

Printing Printing

Finishing and Inspection

Our technology and expertise are fully exploited in post-processing steps such as machining and finishing with 5-axis machining centers, painting and laser processing, measurement, and inspection.

Finishing and Inspection

Supporting our customers' business from a variety of AM-related aspects.

Supporting our customers' business from a variety of AM-related aspects. Supporting our customers' business from a variety of AM-related aspects.

In addition to outsourcing business that integrates processes up to manufacturing 3D components and products, we are developing AM business to solve the problems our customers face and provide support for their businesses.
One example is with our sales of 3D printers. As an authorized dealer, we offer 3D printers from European manufacturer innovatiQ (German RepRap), a leader in AM technology that is bringing innovative products to the market.
We also sell essential software for AM technology. Offerings include "nTopology”, which enables topology optimization, digital texturing, and TPMS structure design—the most crucial points for DfAM that are indispensable to AM technology, "Optibot”, which derives thousands of optimizations results from multiple parameters as add-ons to nTopology, and "Cognitive Additive”, which is a parts selector that analyzes large numbers of presented 3D data for cost and optimal use with AM. We have developed full support for the overall computational design, including consulting and training for the implementation of such software, contract design services for DfAM, offering a wide range of AM-related expertise and knowledge.

nTopology innovatiQ Cognitive Additive

Example Project

Collaboration with parts manufacturer to develop extractor handleutilizing AM technology
Collaboration with parts manufacturer to develop extractor handleutilizing AM technology Collaboration with parts manufacturer to develop extractor handleutilizing AM technology
Development Objectives
  • Reduce weight to less than half of conventional products.
  • Reduce production lead time.
  • Reduce cost to less than half of conventional products.
  • Improve handling functions in comparison with conventional products.
Results of Collaborative Project
  • We have reduced weight significantly by integrating and resinizing parts rather than bolting multiple metal parts.
  • We have reduced production lead time to about one week, compared to two weeks for conventional products.
  • We have succeeded in drastically cutting costs by less than half compared to conventional products, by reducing the number of parts, bolting, and machining processes.
  • We have prevented deterioration and damage to air tubes, by optimizing the routing of the air tubes which were previously bound together by bolts, nuts, and cable ties . As a result, serious incidents that could lead to mold breakage are avoided.

Filament Equipment

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