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Not trying is not an option.

We have a long history as the experts in special steel. We have been accumulating the know-how and production techniques, which are applied to our new businesses such as Additive Manufacturing with the extensive use of the 3D Printers.

Staff members

Hiroki Toyama

Joined in 2017
Sales Section, Production Materials Group, Sales Planning Division.
Hiroki Toyama

I focus to gain trusts from the customers. They recognize me who I am and what I am, and they know well that they need me. I would like to position myself in this way.

What impelled me to join this company was that the atmosphere during the plant tour. I felt the culture that was cheerful and open.

In the Production Materials Group, where I have been assigned to sales, I've gradually gained knowledge about steel materials, thanks to my colleagues , as well as through the actual work itself. I'm now responsible for many customers. My responsibilities are getting heavier and also I use my initiative more than ever. It is important to have a strong sense.

What I find rewarding is when I gain trusts from our customers. I contemplate how to maximize the business opportunities. It motivates me when I executed my plan well, generating more sales.

Going forward, I want to work on finding my own business style. Furthermore, I want to be the kind of sales rep that customers need. That starts with building a solid relationship. It is difficult to communicate without trust in the relationship, so first I concentrate on getting to know the customers. I recently took up golf, and I hope that turns out to be useful at some point.

Message to the Prospective Employee:
The environment at Yamaichi Special Steel is one where you take initiative and act upon your own will regardless your age. We aim to rejuvenate and to reenergize our organization.

Kenta Toda

Joined in 2018
Accounting Section, Business Support and Promotion Group, AdministrationDivision.
Kenta Toda

The advice from colleagues and my managers and the knowledge I gained through my own studies have helped me to broaden the range of my responsibilities.

I was mesmerized by the fact that the company was actively searching for new businesses that have not been commercialized elsewhere. This was why I had made my decision to join Yamaichi.

In the Business Support and Promotion Group, where I've been assigned, I am responsible for drawing up billings for accounting, and for accounting and processing settlements for affiliated companies. Recently, I am the point of contact for banks and the overall company's equipment and facilities. My responsibilities are broadening gradually. I pride myself nowadays to represent the company when interacting with third parties.

What's important to keep in mind with accounting work is to correctly understand the company's numerics. For example, A misstatement may cause a result for the company to make a wrong decision. So I need to be careful.

My goal today is to be independent and accountable for more responsibilities. I also want to learn about taxes and laws related to our business. Since calculating taxes is especially important in settling accounts, I not only get advice from colleagues and managers, I know that I need to acquire knowledge on my own by researching books and the Internet. I will study on my days off to acquire further qualifications and expand my own potential. I do study in my private time for further qualifications to open up opportunities for myself.

Message to the Prospective Employee:
This is a company that is always looking ahead and sowing seeds for future success. If you want to actively work on new things, then you should definitely join us. You'll receive solid support from the people around you, so don't worry about taking that step.

Yuma Sasaki

Joined in 2019
Saw Cutting Section
Manufacturing Division
Yuma Sasaki

The entire company has focused on creating an environment where women can work comfortably.

I worked in a cardboard printing factory before Yamaichi. I’m happy that I have joined Yamaichi, as I now have my private time on weekdays as well as on weekends. The organization provides the environment where female associates work comfortably. It didn’t take long at all for me to fit in.

During my probation period, I learned the basics , and now I operate multiple machines I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I finish the day's work on time, in accordance with the plan I make.

The current issue is that I'm not quite ready to act based on my own discretion, so whenever something happens, I end up relying on my colleagues. I am making efforts to take my initiative. I am sure I will gain confidence, when my successes build up.

Another challenge is to improve the quality of my work while handling tasks I'm not good at.In order to overcome this, I think I need to keep pushing ahead with the work and build up my experience.

Message to the Prospective Employee:
Everyone is cheerful and will talk with you freely, which I think makes it a comfortable workplace for you.

Taeko Itou

Joined in 2020
In direct /Heat Treatment Section, Tool Steel Group, SalesPlanning Division
Taeko Itou

Aspects like a woman-friendly working style and taking on the challenge of new businesses make this a company where you can sense the potential for the future.

An acquaintance told me about a company that was looking for a woman female sales rep and wanted people who liked challenges. I heard that many women were successful in their jobs there, and that the company was striving to create an environment where even single parents could work with a sense of promise for success. Since I wanted to take advantages of such an environment and also wanted to promote this culture, I decided to move to Yamaichi Special Steel.

For about a year, I worked in the direct sales section at the Hamamatsu Branch. Besides handling materials, I also worked in machining. I learnt how to read the drawings and also gained the knowledge on the machining centers,and then I was transferred to the sales section at Headquarters, and I'm currently selling our products to the dealers. I see that there is great future in the company which is taking on challenges in new fields as well as steel material business.

My goal now is to enjoy contributing to society and to the company, such that children can get excited about their parents' work and tell their friends that it is a good company. I am privileged to take the work-from-home and the flextime working patterns to accommodate my parental duties. I would like to respond with my work output to the kindness that the company provides me.

Message to the Prospective Employee:
There are a lot to learn, and we deal with complex steel materials, but I enjoy my job surrounded by my colleagues who are fun to work with.

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